Sunday, September 28, 2014

The best attractions in Kew Gardens

The best attractions in Kew Gardens
Magnificent Kew Gardens Kew's Many Wonderful Gardens
The Kew Gardens home to group many of the wonderful plants that are found every one of them in distinct areas strongly and groups containing everything from trees, cactus plants carnivores and ornamental plants to flowers orchid and roses to plant pink and despite the fact that this group may be found in the air open shall be deemed the best in the British climate gardening, it also has many unique collections can be found in greenhouses.
From palaces to temples: architecture Que luxury Kew's Architecture
In addition to the many wonderful collections of flowers and plants, the Kew Gardens is also very important for students who belong to the new architecture Whether visiting interesting historical buildings or trendy.
Visually stunning shows and museums Visually Stunning Galleries and Museums
Kew Gardens has a number of excellent art collections that focus on plants and flowers in addition to the museum interesting is dedicated to gardening tempt visitors also seduced by plants that are found in the outdoors.
Adventure and exploration and education Adventure, Exploration and Education
Kew Gardens as well as great for entertainment and education for children of all ages and visitor fun 
opportunities that allow him to explore the lives of plants and related areas.
Find out what's on in the Gardens at Kew and Wakehurst and exploreKew's iconic Garden attractions. Discover more about Kew's work with plants and fungi ...

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