Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nature in the French Provence

Nature in the French Provence

Camp Via Ferrata in Hot Parvins

Via Ferrata is one of the parks that you see in the image repeatedly on network information, and people are saying about this park is that the most dangerous parks in the world or the most craziest.

Via Ferrata and contains a lot of rocks to climb and you do not need to possess skills or special tools or training to be able to climb just enough to know how to connect the ring in metal wire and how elevate a ladder and then you can do it in true Ferrata.

The camp was originally used by the military teams in the First World War and is now used by hikers and climbers who can hiking and climbing in peace and security.

If you were  tried rock climbing before advised to hire a guide Although the Via Ferrata safe but it is very high and that were not may of the cliff before it must be with a professional in order to guide you but if you've used climbing to go to a place to rent special equipment to climb.

The best camp in the region is the camp Borg is a place friendly and quiet to stay in it and although it does not contain swimming pools and hot tubs, but it is very appropriate it contains grass and parks as convenient as it is the main place in the city for those who want to exercise and play.

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