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The most beautiful landmarks in Zurich

The most beautiful landmarks in Zurich
The most beautiful landmarks in Zurich
The most beautiful landmarks in Zurich
The most beautiful landmarks in Zurich
The most beautiful landmarks in Zurich
The most beautiful landmarks in Zurich

The most beautiful landmarks in Zurich
Is the largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the canton of Zurich is located in north-central Switzerland, and specifically on the northwestern tip of Lake Zurich and Zurich is the most visited cities, is the largest global financial centers and is home to a large number of financial institutions and banking giant
Became this wonderful city of the most important tourist destinations has been placed on the list of top 25 cities in the world because it includes many of the major tourist attractions such as museums and art galleries, including the Swiss National Museum and the Kunsthaus in addition to many of the galleries opera and cinema also includes some entertainment spots such as parks and parks so we'll start displays the most beautiful tourist destinations in Zurich

  Tower Lauren Kopf Tower
This is the tower of the impressive monuments in the city and provides a clear vision for each was built in 1954 and has a height of 33 meters and is located in a forest located at the eastern end of in Zurich and return ownership to the city of Zurich and became offline destinations tourism important in Zurich can be reached to the highest this tower with almost 153 step and I advise you to visit the tower on a clear day to see the most beautiful scenery in a clear and timely take some pictures and keep it as a memory of this trip characteristic
  Botanical Garden of the old The Old Garden
It is a botanical garden is reported Arboretum in Swiss city of Zurich and is owned by the park to the University of Zurich and opened in 1977 and includes the park's most beautiful plants and beautiful flowers, if you're looking at your vacation for a quiet place and suitable to spend your time where you just need to go to this park and enjoy seeing the most beautiful landscapes and inhalation fresh air
And enjoy this garden design is similar to the design of European gardens and magnificent garden is divided into parks and garden water garden plants useful also includes many types of garden plants to exotic wildlife that visit you'll learn about many of the plants that were not even know of their existence
  Lake Promenade Lake Nozha
, One of the most beautiful lakes in Zurich and you had in the summer, it is a nice place to spend an enjoyable day to forget the atmosphere of the city and you'll see thousands of people who spend their time on the shores of the lake (lake promenade), which offers a wide range of options where you can sit and relax or buy many of the things that sold there is food or drink spreads around the lake as many restaurants offering cuisine
  After a few meters from the lake you'll find a garden waiting for their trees and flowers known as the Chinese Garden and enjoyed great popularity as comprising playground for children and so their time there
  Museum Beyer Watch Museum
Positioned the museum in the heart of the city and is one of the private museums the world's leading and combines the museum everything related to hours and set the time and several unique pieces of Gothic and Renaissance and became a museum of tourist destinations important, especially for fans watch rare and precious that has been collected through the ages and date mostly 1400 BC Xaah timekeeping non-mechanical such as water clock, solar and sand and lamp oil down for hours renaissance brilliant and Swiss watches with gears wood and pocket watches, and finally to the Swiss watch modern so you'll find yourself in this museum moving between the ages with you in one place
  How to get to Zurich
The nearest airport is Zurich Airport, which busiest airport and provides numerous trips to and from Zurich
By train
There are many regular trains to and from Zurich and other Swiss cities of Europe, where Zurich is reached by commuter trains and regional trains linking many Swiss cities to each other
Almost all highways leading to the Swiss Zurich directly so it will be very easy for tourists independence of their own car and starting it

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