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The best tourist attractions in Innsbruck Austria

The best tourist attractions in Innsbruck Austria

Maria Teresa Street and side streets
Lined street in Maria Teresa homes and a multitude of shops dating back to the seventeenth century and eighteenth century and allows the visitor to enjoy the sight of the gorgeous mountains of the north at an altitude of 2300 meters.
English: Maria-Theresien-Strasse and Side Streets
St. Anne's column
Located column of St. Ann in the middle of the street, Maria Teresa in Innsbruck in front of the municipal building was erected in 1706 to commemorate the withdrawal of soldiers Bavarians on the day of St. Anne's in 1703 and the column is above a statue of the Virgin Mary and another statue of the saint Anna sits at the base next to St George's patron saint Tirol and many other saints.
English: St Anne's Column
Old rural home
The house is located in a corner of the old rural Maria Teresa Street and side streets, which is a huge baroque palace facade super-luxury, which now houses a collection of local and government assembled and sits in the courtyard between the two wings of the building serous.
English: Altes Landhaus
A new circuit
The new circuit is located on the eastern side of the old country house has been built between 1938 and 1940 in the style of that period. English: Neues Landhaus
War Memorial Monument
A length of 14 meters for the anniversary events in 1945 with inscriptions to commemorate the death. English: War Memorial

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