Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tourism program to visit Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain's most beautiful cities and one of the most beautiful tourist destinations which includes many of the tourist attractions such as the historic squares and archaeological museums and beautiful gardens and parks brilliant and we will organize this in our tourism program for five days to visit the nicest of places

  On the first day went to wander in the streets of Madrid and specifically go to the yard Puerta del sd is one of the most beautiful squares of Madrid, located in the heart and is one of the most overcrowded places and if you are lucky will attend some of the concerts and festivals, you can see a popular tourist attraction where a statue mounted Charles III as adorned with clock tower on the east arena you'll find the famous bear and tree represent Madrono which symbolizes the mail in Madrid
It also includes arena many wonderful shopping areas where you can buy some gifts or clothing for you and your Ohpetk and restaurants offering delicacies and and cafes that remain open all night if you want ensuring outdoor

  On the second day I advise that you mean Retiro Park magnificent Retiro Park, a beautiful garden was founded in 1500 an area of ​​350 acres and then was expanded to become a garden of ownership when he moved Philip II to Madrd in 1561 AD and later became one of the most popular tourist destinations, there you'll see the trees and plants The brightly colored flowers in addition to the beautiful fountains and artificial ponds large and where visitors can rent a boat and take a trip fantastic

It is also filled with statues and memorials that you can capture beautiful pictures beside you and your family as you can attend some of the concerts, which are held from late May to early October, and make sure that if you attended will get the joy and fun required
Allocated on the third day to visit the Museo del Prado Del prado Museum is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions famous and most popular in Madrid was designed by architect Juan de Flanov can be there to see the finest art collections in the world and that of up to 7600 plate Antique (and back to the twelfth century to the early nineteenth century, which date back to Vann Spaniards such as Goya and El Greco and Darabra) 4800 and 1000 carved paintings, in addition to many of the historical documents and make sure that this day will not be enough to see all the groups so I advise you to go early to see most of them at least

The day fourth Fjolh coolest days spending it in the water park Aqua Buals Aquopolis Water Park The park is located in Valanuevadi to Akanda and away from the Madrid 25 minutes and will give you the recovery Bakdaúk fun time inside and do a unique experience where you will find there is a lot of fun and exciting adventures and the whole center of refreshing water where will slip into the black hole and try the slide, large and small, as you can swim in swimming pools, designed to resemble the sea and salinity Bomusband so never had a chance
The fifth day draws to spend in the market of San Miguel Market Of San Miguel, a market is very famous in Madrid and is located in the middle which is the most popular market which is of the most beautiful and oldest markets and you'll see a lot, which can be bought as it is full of restaurants offering cuisine and cafes wonderful so Spend your day the last in this wonderful market will never regret

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