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Best Beaches Philippines - Philippines tourist beaches


Best Beaches Philippines - Philippines tourist beaches

1. Palawan Palawan

Palawan is the last frontier of the Philippines, almost in its interior forests, karst outcrops flying out of sparkling water and Emerald turquoise and white beaches. But in terms of length, nothing like Long Beach in San Vicente for in 14 kilometer stretch of white sand, fine linen, white beach in Boracay by 10 kilometers

2. Island Garden City of Samal Island Garden City of Samal

South Sea Pearls had come from one pearl farm turned and found in the southern island of Samal Davao del Norte in Mindanao. But the jewel of the island did not exist just beneath the water found with fringed white beaches of the island and is one of the pillars of the tourism economy, so they still retain nature.

Pagudpud Ilocos Norte 3

Ilocos Norte is a beach resort with a touch of vanity tourism as they did not see before. White sandy beaches, clear blue water shimmering can melt the heart of any lover of beach. Blue Lagoon, named because of its waters, is the place
4. island of Tawi-Tawi-Tawi
Island on the edge of southwest Mindanao, off the coast of the municipality of white beach more than wonderful

Although it is only 90 minutes away from the cities. It is surrounded by a hot political areas, so it would be wise to put a sign along a boatload of tourists with a military escort.

5. Santa Cruz Island, Zamboanga Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz boasts pink cherry blossoms and red sand and pipes reefs. This beach is somewhat secretly even for Filipinos. To get to the island requires a permit tourism and therefore the local tourist office can provide travelers with a military escort to the island.

6. Island Kerman, Camarines Sur Caramoan Island
Is a hot spot for tourists and Filipinos and foreigners alike. Far off the coast is the place to waves and white sand beaches, and towering cliffs, islands and lakes for all types of aquatic adventures. This place is Kerman, which is fortunately, still outside the radar tourism business.

7 Malapascua Island, Cebu Malapascua Island
Asking white beach that would rejoice beach lover emotional. The coral gardens on the island and the shallow waters teeming .
8 Island, Masbate Masbate
One of the three main islands in the water in Montreal whales and sharks abound there is no shortage in the population. Country

9 Siquijor Siquijor

Siquijor raise mysticism and supernaturalism. Blessed with exotic rock formations, and also includes Siquijor of white sandy beaches bordering most of the coastal strip by -102 km.

10. Camiguin Island Camiguin Island
White Island is one of the major attractions in the region requires Boracay special mention because it is the capital of the Philippines Beach. White sandy beaches (4 km long), and the shimmering turquoise waters, mesmerizing sunsets...

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