Sunday, September 28, 2014

In France was the most beautiful cities of the world

French was the most beautiful cities of the world
Until the nineteenth century, it was considered a fishing village only, but now a coastal city babe and famous in the world because of the annual festival of films and this city resort of luxury located in the south-east of France on the River Riviera and a favorite because of Guha Latif, who is due to the Mediterranean and to its magnificent beaches.

In the third month of the Gregorian each year when the city would receive International Film Festival, they mustered lovers movies in order to see a celebrity known they walk on the red carpet up to the Palais des Festivals, where are presented thousands of movies on the screen and is located in front of her park by the waterfront beautiful planted with palms and also hotels and upscale restaurants and shops such as the famous Juicy Chanel and Dior.

There is also the city's cobbled streets reflect the ancient architectural art and souvenir shops and cafes offering outdoor shops covered eating experiences Marina also offers beautiful scenes of water and yachts.

There are also other places worthwhile in the islands was like The island's famous citadel destroyed monastery and Margaret Island prison, which has been the man with the mysterious Iron Mask.

In order to nightlife options, there are a large number of clubs and nightclubs to suit every budget.

As is plain x-mas was in the taxis and buses are also available.

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