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Tourism in Geneva

Tourism in Geneva

Tourism in Geneva
Geneva Swiss city which is wonderful and is known as the city of peace and the smallest major cities and is one of the most important purposes of sight seeing in the world because they contain the most beautiful scenic where the wharf on Lake Geneva and gardens (it is one of the most cities greener in Europe it covers 20% of the country) as well as to contain ancient alleyways and shops as it is considered the city of culture and the arts, because it includes a ten wonderful museum and many libraries such as the Municipal Library and the Library of Geneva
Geneva also enjoys a mild climate in spring and mild slant of the cooler in the winter and the is mild with little humidity and bridesmaid is so hot The best times to visit are spring and winter.

The most important tourist places:

Fountain Gate du Jet d'eau

This fountain is located at the mouth of Lake Geneva in the Rhone River, which is one of the most famous landmarks in the city of Geneva, which can not be anyone who is visiting Geneva, but had to go for it is one of the world's largest fountains
Throw this fountain of mineral water at a rate of five hundred liters per second at an altitude of 140 meters by two pumps can 500 kW and visitors can observe the fountain across the sidewalk stone from the left bank of the fountain, and there certainly will receive spray refreshing them and if you visit them in the evening, you'll see lit beautiful lights you can also pick up some beautiful pictures there to keep the memory of this visit, the distinctive
Plus Bourg de Four Place Du Bourg De Four
Arena is located in the old town and one of the oldest arenas in Geneva enjoyed this arena of great importance since the nineteenth century because it was a place to house many of the refugees from all over Europe.

And one of the most tourist areas visit because they contain commercial centers, fountains, restaurants and stopped there at some cafes and coffee or any other drink arena also includes many of the seats to sit and rest of the curfew.

Barbier Mueller Museum Barbier Mueller Museum

The museum is located in St. Jean Calvin and the museum was founded in 1977 and is one of the major tourist attractions distinctive and whose sole purpose is to keep these effects has gained the museum an international reputation through exhibitions hosted by and after twenty years of its opening has been the opening of another branch to him in Barcelona at the Palace Nadal
The museum contains a collection of works of art and of up to 7000 and each piece of antiquity and classical ranging from sculptures, fabrics and ornaments from all over the world.

Festivals de Geneve Fates De Geneva

An event annual summer spectacular in Geneva includes a presentation of the fireworks grand and attending free with that budget ranging between 500-700 thousand Swiss francs and is held every year on the evening of Saturday mid on Lake Leman, which is positioned forty station fire and 30000 cracker and is released everyone with some great music so I advise you to enjoy your time and his presence there.

Wall of the Reformation Reformation Wall

It is a monument to the reform movement in Switzerland, which honors the many people and events and documents of the Protestant Reformation developed numerous statues and inscriptions on the wall
The foundations of the wall at the University of Geneva by John Calvin and became famous landmarks in Geneva and opened to the public in 1909 to celebrate the 400 anniversary of the birth of John Calvin and 350 of the founding of the university

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