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The most beautiful towns and villages Spanish

The most beautiful towns and villages Spanish
  The town of Mijas Mijas town
A town in the province of Malaga in the autonomous region of Andalusia and specifically on the southeast coast of Spain at the foot of the mountain at an altitude of about 450 meters above the surface of Searotad town of tourist destinations important because of its natural beauty and picturesque homes ranked on the mountain as it includes many of the Tourism places such as museums and the wonderful golf courses and resorts in addition to wonderful they contain many of the restaurants, cafes and shops and shops selling gifts and souvenirs
  This is located in Malaga and enjoy the town's historic charm in addition to the charm of the picturesque countryside who enjoys the beauty of undescribable and for these reasons has become of the most beautiful tourist destinations which sends gentle comfort and tranquility in the hearts of visitors
Tourists can wander in the town on foot because of their small size and enjoy the calm, which is owned and inhaling fresh air and spend the nicest times away from the atmosphere of the city tense and full of noise and see some attractions such as bridge Puente Noeffr Street Cali Bola and Loop Plaza Dr. Toros (one of the oldest bull rings ) in addition to the garden is not a garden Olamilda very fascinating contain a lot of green trees and bright flowers so do not miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful town
It is a beautiful village dating back to the Middle Ages, one of the small towns to visit in Spain, where it is surrounded by a fence fortified so it is one of the tourist destinations wonderful was filmed many movies and which speaks of a certain era of history and enjoy tourists roam the streets in the medieval and historic squares and some cars that do not pass where I would remember for the modern era never
  La Frontera Village Vigirda Vijer De La Franterra Village
, A village located in the province of Cadiz on the right bank of the river Barbate, overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar and is surrounded by many of the orchids also contains the village on many churches and ancient monasteries and several houses fantastic, which date back to the era of the Maghreb has been selected village lanes narrow and the houses of white as the most beautiful village in Spain in 1978 and has become one of the most beautiful tourist destinations which many wish to visit to see her closely and identify the Tar Ikhha where it was controlled by King Fernando II in 1250 and remained for a long time under his rule while the rest of Spain was ruled by Arabs
  Albarracin village of Albarracin Village
The village is located in the province of Teruel, part of the autonomous region of Aragon and is one of the villages that enjoy the beautiful scenic and surrounded by rocky hills so they are very popular, especially for climbing enthusiasts As for the most important tourist attractions Although I said only that it has great historical significance, such as Fort kerosene and Tower Ondrador (who return home for a century and atheist tenth century) and the Plaza Mayor and the Cathedral of Salvador and the Episcopal Palace and Museum is located inside the diocese, which includes many pieces of valuable and precious

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